XT 25 Shingles

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XT 25 Gray Frost
XT 25 Weathered Wood
XT 25 Oakwood

It's tough at the top.

If you're looking for a shingle with stopping power, your search stops here. Because when it comes to weathering the elements, XT™ 25 is quite simply the top of its class.

Built on a tough fiber glass base, XT 25 has been UL tested to withstand winds of up to 60 MPH without tearing or blow-off. Special sealant strips draw on the sun's heat for additional weatherproofing. And XT 25 is heavier and more durable than comparable three-tab strip shingles. So when you add it all up, for just a bit more money than an ordinary shingle XT 25 gives you a whole lot more to work with.

XT 25 provides better durability and wind resistance compared with ordinary three-tab strip shingles.

The Integrity Roof System™

  • WinterGuard™
    Waterproofing shingle underlayment prevents leaks from ice dams and wind-driven rain in vulnerable areas.
  • Roofers' Select™
    High performance underlayment as a secondary barrier against leaks.
  • CertainTeed Shingles
    High quality shingles available in a wide variety of styles and colors, covered by one of the best warranties in the business.
  • ShingleVent™
    Air Vent, Inc. offers a full line of ventilation products that improves air circulation throughout your attic.
  • Flintlastic™ Roll Roofing
    A selection of high-quality roll roofing products for porches, carports, canopies, additions and any flat (or low-slope) roof.
The Integrity Roof System

XT™ 25 product specifications:

  • Fiber glass composition
  • 230 lb. per square
  • 2UL Class A Fire Resistance
  • Conforms to CSA Standard AI23.5-98
  • UL Certified to meet ASTM D3462

Decorative Options

In addition to our durable three-tab shingles, CertainTeed also offers a complete line of architectural shingles for your home improvement project that can transform your home into a work of warmth and art gracefully and easily.

XT™ 25 Color Palette

Note: Colors may vary by region.

Colors are for comparison only and will vary from monitor to monitor.

Colors subject to changes by granule manufacturers.

Before making a final selection, please consider the following:

  1. Request full shingle samples;
  2. See actual roof applications;
  3. Inasmuch as the appearance of a roof may vary depending upon the light exposure, consider viewing several roof applications under various kinds of light, i.e. bright sun, partial sun, full cloud, etc.;
  4. Determine if the pitch of your roof will impact how a shingle color will look on your home. To make the best selection, view homes with your shingle color choice with roof pitches similar to your own.

Michigan Home Improvement Roofing Installation

XT 25 Autumn Brown
XT 25 Maple Red Blend
XT 25 Silver Lining

XT 25 Black



XT 25 Mint Frost

XT 25 Slate Gray

XT 25 Cedar Brown



XT 25 Moire Black

XT 25 Star White

XT 25 Cinnamon Frost



XT 25 Nickel Gray

XT 25 Tile Red Blend

XT 25 Coral Frost
XT 25 Oakwood
XT 25 Timber Blend
XT 25 Dove Gray
XT 25 Pewter
XT 25 Weathered Wood
XT 25 Evergreen Blend
XT 25 Regal Bark
XT 25 Gray Frost
XT 25 Sandalwood

XT™ 25 Warranty*

XT 25 is a registered trademark of CertainTeed