Odyssey Plus Premium Vinyl Siding

Exceptional look-of-wood beauty

Odyssey Plus Glacier White
Odyssey Plus Monterey Sand

Perfect for every project.

Odyssey® Plus is the perfect siding for homeowners who want premium appearance, outstanding performance and maximum convenience.

Premium appearance. Choose from two of America's most popular siding styles -traditional clapboard or beveled-edged dutch lap. Both available in 4" and 5" widths. A natural grain pattern, realistic shadow lines and a look-of-paint low-gloss finish recreate the distinctive details of expensive wood siding. For maximum design flexibility, choose from 13 popular colors.

Outstanding performance. Extra panel thickness (.044" nominal) and an advanced lock design provide superior rigidity so walls stay straight and smooth. The strengthened lock provides superior holding power, keeping panels tight on walls, even in high winds.

Maximum convenience. Odyssey™ Plus is made with durable, weather-resistant vinyl, so there's never any painting or staining. Just rinse occasionally with a garden hose to keep Odyssey Plus looking like new.

But while Odyssey™ Plus is loaded with premium features, it's as easily affordable as lesser-quality "budget" sidings. Make the comparison yourself ...you'll find Odyssey Plus is the best investment you can make in your home.

Odyssey Plus is an easy choice when you want premium appearance, performance and convenience. It gives you:

  • Classic clapboard and dutch lap profiles, both available in two exposure widths.
  • The look and feel of natural wood grain.
  • Premium panel thickness for added rigidity and enhanced installation quality.
  • Strengthened panel locking for superior wind resistance.
  • A choice of outstanding colors, in an elegant low-gloss finish.

Decorative Options

For your home improvement project with Odyssey™ Plus, it's easy to create a home of outstanding beauty with Alside's Exterior Design System™ - a coordinated collection of easy-care trim products for every accent area.

Vinyl Soffit
Features Alside's exclusive TriBeam™ design system for added rigidity and easy spanning of short and long runs. This truly unique soffit comes in a natural low-gloss, matte finish and a palette of 20 contemporary colors, including those in the Architectural Color Collection.

Trimworks™ Decorative Accents are inspired by the beautifully handcrafted wood trim details found on America's finest homes. For outstanding corners, choose from smooth lineal's, fluted lineal's, beaded corner post, and fluted corner post. Most pieces are available in 20 colors, including 6 from the Architectural Color Collection, with a smooth, low-gloss finish.

Architectural Scallops™ capture classic original wood patterns without the maintenance. Their historically accurate half-round profile creates realistic shadow lines and sensational decorative emphasis.

Architectural Shakes™ provide the classic look of traditional cedar shakes. Great for high profile accent areas or complete coverage, their cedar-grain texture and low-gloss finish provide the look and feel of freshly painted wood with the maintenance-free qualities of vinyl. Timeless colors make it easy to integrate with any design plan. Choose from Glacier White, Monterey Sand Platinum Gray, Antique Parchment or Clay.

Standard Color Palette

Colors are for comparison only and will vary from monitor to monitor.

Please check with Taylor Industry, Inc. for actual color chip samples.




Odyssey Plus Glacier White
Odyssey Plus Natural Linen
Odyssey Plus Antique Parchment


Odyssey Plus Platinum Gray


Odyssey Plus Silver Moss


Odyssey Plus Windsor Blue


Odyssey Plus Monterey Sand


Odyssey Plus Maple


Odyssey Plus Colonial Ivory


Odyssey Plus Adobe Cream


Odyssey Plus Clay


Odyssey Plus Cashmere




Odyssey Plus Cape Cod Gray

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Odyssey siding is backed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty and more than 50 years of Alside's leadership and innovation in the building products industry.

Odyssey Plus is a registered trademark of Alside.