Guidelines For Professionally Installed Siding

General Characteristics of Vinyl Siding
Wolverine® solid vinyl siding is intended for sidewall installation on residential, light commercial or other exterior building applications in new construction or as a replacement siding for existing structures.

General Architectural Specifications
I. Scope of Work
Furnish necessary labor, material and equipment for complete installation of Wolverine solid vinyl siding and related work shown on drawings or specified herein.

II. Materials

A. Solid vinyl siding and accessories shall be manufactured by Wolverine Vinyl Siding in the sizes and styles listed below.
1. Siding - Portfolio HP
Double 4.5" Clapboard D45HP - Restoration smooth finish
9" ± 0.062" width, 12'1" ± 0.25" length, 4.5" exposure, staggered double nail hem
2. Accessories
a. Cornerpost; 10' length (BP34RS)
b. J-channel; 12' 6" length (J34UN)
c. Utility trim (UTUN), Dual Undersill Trim (DUS); 12' 6" length
d. Springlock Starter (SSVS) 2 1/2" x 10' length
e. Trim options:
- Restoration 4-piece corner; 5" x 10' or 20' lengths
- Restoration Window/Door Surrounds; 3 1/2" x 12' 6" or 20' lengths
- Restoration Crown Molding; 2 1/2" x 10' length
- Designer J-channel; 2 1/2" x 12' 6" length
3. Warranty - Limited lifetime, non-prorated, transferable

B. Solid vinyl siding shall comply with the provisions set forth in ASTM standard specification for Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Siding #D3679 Class 2.

C. All materials shall conform to ASTM D421, D3679, D1784, D638, D256, D648, D1929, D2843, D635, D5206, E330, E119, UBC 17-6, E84, ANSI/AAMA #1402 and D568 requirements.

D. Restoration Portfolio HP solid vinyl siding shall meet the manufacturing and product specifications for Thickness, Shrinkage, Gardener Impact, Surface distortion and Gloss.

E. All procedures, operations and product specifications shall meet or exceed ASTM D3679, D696, D1042, D4226, PS55-72 and Wolverine Quality Control Standard Procedures.

F. Weathering: Shall be according to ASTM D1435 requirements and free of any visual surface defects, such as peeling, chipping, cracking, flaking, or crazing due to manufacturing conditions.

G. Chalking: Shall not exceed ASTM D659 Number 6 Rating caused by manufacturing defects within five years in a vertical exposure.

H. Color: Shall be uniform on the surface and throughout the panels

III. Installation Workmanship
Prior to installation, vinyl siding shall be stored on a flat surface, stacked no more than 12 boxes high.

B. Before beginning work, installer shall verify governing dimensions of building; examine, clean and repair, if necessary, any adjoining work on which this work is in any way dependent for its proper installation.

C. The field application of the siding and trim members shall be in accordance with the best practice, with all joint members true and plumb.

D. Vinyl siding and accessories shall be installed in accordance with the latest edition of installation instructions prepared by the Vinyl Siding Institute of The Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc. or Wolverine Vinyl Siding recommended procedures.

E. Items not covered in this specification to be installed as required to provide a complete installation.

D. 3/8 inch insulation is installed under all siding.

Testing and Research

Wolverine solid vinyl siding has been tested by Ghesquire Plastics Testing, Inc., Report # 7909-5742, 7803-4277 and 8210-9860; Building Officials and Code Administrators, Inc., exterior finishes Research Report # 89-36; U.S. Testing Company, Inc., Report # 84647-2 and 84647-3; New York City approval MEA # 284-93-M; ICBO Research Report # 4072; SBCCI 9548; CCMC 12036L; Applied Research Laboratories Report # 28225; Warnock Hersey/Canada, Report # 1/89 REV (50484-C7-6563000), Low Temperature Flexibility Report (required for Canada specification approval); Alberta Building Standards 85-PL-181; and Radco Test Reports RAD-931, RAD-932, RAD-967, RAD-1005, RAD-684, RAD-686, RAD-963; TCI Labs: Report 002012-2 and 203027; SHB-AGRA, Report # 308257; Southwest Research # 01-8817-516 A & B.

Specifications are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. The right is reserved to make changes at any time without notice.




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